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The design of this card is fairly constant across tarot decks. The key characters are that of a woman and a lion, with the woman looking calm and gentle, yet dominant over the lion. Many cards, including that of the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, have the woman clasping the lion's jaws. Another feature of the RWS deck is a lemniscate (a kind of geometric form) hovering over the woman's head. Other decks have the woman sitting upon the lion, or merely with one hand upon it.


Tarocchi Durer - Die Bilder aus dem Tarocchi Dürer werden abgebildet mit freundlicher Erlaubnis von Lo Scarabeo.


Vintage Barocken Kupferstich Blumenrolle Filigranes Design Umrandung Akanthusranke Element Retro Grunge Damasthintergrund Lizenzfrei Nutzbare Vektorgrafiken, Clip Arts, Illustrationen. Pic 15662165.


This is how overpopulation destroyed the purity of our water - the original occultists thought thought pouring dirty into clean would purify the dirty but the dirty eventually gains strength with numbers which is why this card actually represents pollution. XVII. The Star: Dürer Tarot