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Chemical Free Post-Work Out Cooling Body Spray/Deodorizer/Yoga Mat Cleaner/ Bug Spray with Witch Hazel & Essential Oils. Alcohol free

Glück wird nie weniger, wenn man es teilt


#Unity prayer--May the long time sun shine upon you, All love surround you, And the pure light within you... Guide your way on. (used to say this at unity service in unison holding hands...) NAMASTE!

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Adi Mantra - tuning in - ONG NA MO GURU DEV NA MO is the mantra we use in Kundalini yoga to tune us to the frequency of our higher self or inner master. We begin each practice of Kundalini yoga with this mantra. This sacred mantra opens us to our spiritual channel. It also links us to all the spiritual masters who perfected this sacred science.

Kundalini - This illustration shows how everyone's energy circulation is in an artificial electromagnetic flow.