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Landesmuseum Württemberg

Landesmuseum Württemberg - "Sog. Reiches Diadem aus dem Brillantschmuck von Königin Pauline" (Sog. Reiches Diadem aus dem Brillantschmuck von Königin Pauline, NN [Shown

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Schmuck stylisch kombinieren: So vermeidet ihr den Weihnachtsbaum-Effekt!

Schmuck stapeln ist in! Doch nicht alle Schmuckstücke passen auch wirklich zusammen. Im großen Styling-Guide erfahrt ihr, wie man Schmuck jetzt stylisch kombiniert...

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Essen crown. The small crown is the oldest surviving crown of lilies in Europe. It is stored for almost a millennium in the Essen treasury. It was used until the 16th century at the coronation of the Golden Madonna at the Candlemas on February 2nd. The gold band with 4 lilies is decorated with filigree patterns of coupled gold wires, set with pearls and precious stones. The crown was created at the second half of the 11th century. The origin of the crown is unclear.

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DIY Kronkorkenpins

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Hollywoods Kronjuwelen: Die Brillies von Liz Taylor unter dem Hammer

Hollywoods Kronjuwelen: Die Brillies von Liz Taylor unter dem Hammer - DIE WELT mobil

pink topaz demi-parure which was given to Marie Pavlovna on the occasion of her wedding to the Duke of Sachsen-Weimar-Eisenach. It was a gift from her father, Czar Paul I of Russia. It passed to her daughter Augusta, the Empress of Germany, then to Augusta’s daughter Louise, Grand Duchess of Baden, and then to the Grand Duchess’ daughter, Queen Viktoria of Sweden in 1923, when it became part of the Bernadotte collection. It is created from the finest of Russian pink topazes.

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Shopping-Tipp: Veraen

My sis and nieces gave me suede cord as part my Xmas gift and told me to make something. Here is a great idea.

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Ohrringe Silber *Kronjuwelen* FunkelMinz

DELUXE Ohrringe Silber KRONJUWELEN Oceanside