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Another Vietnam: Pictures of the War from the Other Side.

Krieg In Korea,Vergessenen Krieg,Bild,Ergebnis,Hell Korea,Longer Forgotten,Photo January,January 1953,Korean Dish

Sgt. A. V. Huffman / The National Archives2nd Platoon Marines prepare to board a CH-53 helicopter to be flown to An Hoa


Der Kalte Krieg – Korea, der Kalte Krieg wird heiß

July 20, 1965 In one of their most complex military operations of the war to date, 12 ARVN battalions and the Vietnamese Marines, assisted by B-52 air strikes, open the road from Qui Nhon to Pleiku for the movement of essential civilian and military cargo. The supplies are badly needed to relieve the shortages in the highland area caused by VC interdiction of routes.