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Kopfschmerzen Stirn

#Tannensalbe gegen #Kopfschmerzen Tannensalben sind seit dem Mittelalter bekannt, bei Kopfschmerzen. Diese Salbe kann mehrmals täglich bei Kopfschmerzen auf die Stirn einmassiert werden. Zutaten: 50 g Salbeiblätter 100 g Tannennadeln,-Rinde und Tannenholz 500 ml Wasser 150 g Butter   Zubereitung: Die Nadel, Rinde, Holz und die Salbeiblätter sehr kleinschneiden und solange mit dem Wasser auf niedriger Temperatur kochen […]


zur Linderung bei Kopfschmerzen & Spannungsgefühlen, Anwendung im Schläfen-, Stirn & Nackenbereich, angenehm kühlend<br>Medizinprodukt

Sinus headaches pain areas: headaches can occur in the forehead and around the eyes and cheeks.

Sinus Headaches are the WORST!!! It seems cold and flu season brings them out in great numbers. If you have one, here is a great recipe to get rid of it! Sinus Headache Blend 2 drops Frankincense 2 drops Peppermint 2 drops Lavender 1 teaspoon FCO Directions: Massage mixture into forehead and sinus areas. BE CAREFUL around your eye area. Repeat as necessary. You can save 10% at checkout by using the coupon code MHIGHLANDER.


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NOW Foods Essential Oils Rosemary--Love this because it hasn't been chemically extracted!


During the jazz age of the 1920’s, long ropes of pearls were very popular on flappers and entertainers such as Josephine Baker. Dancer Irene Castle introduced the “headache band,” a velvet ribbon embroidered with pearls and worn around the forehead.


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Custom made Herbal Hot Cold Pack with Giraffe design. Material is 100% soft and durable cotton flannel for added comfort. Measures 15 x 5. The perfect size to place on forehead, shoulder, neck or tummy. Use for headaches, muscle tension and pain. Our Aromatherapy bag contains relaxing herbs such as Lavender, Chamomile, Peppermint, Valerian and Feverfew. All these herbs plus organic Flax seeds (NO CHEAP FILLERS SUCH AS WHEAT, RICE, CORN, ETC)