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Kool-aid Man Costume

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This is adorable :)

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40 Of The Most Awesome Halloween Costume Ideas

40 Awesome Halloween Costume Ideas

Would You Use Kool Aid as Hair Dye?

Kool-Aid. Grape got me through many a long, hot, Summer afternoon.

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Easy No-Sew DIY Kool-Aid Man Costume – OH YEAH!

Kool-Aid Man pvc frame taped together

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How To Dye Hair with Kool-Aid - great for last minute Halloween costumes!

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Books and their Covers

"The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test" Wolfe #theelectrickoolaidacidtest #kesey #wolfe

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You gotta be able to taste the diabeetus

Kool aid is just terrible LOL I had it once and got a headache from it LOL THERES TOO MUCH SUGAR IN IT!!>>> ASHTON KOOL-AID IS SUPPOSED TO BE SWEET MAN. VEGEMITE IS TO SALTY

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Snow Cat Got Tired Of Digging

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