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Koi Karpfen Tattoo

Two Koi Fish

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koi poster. beautiful

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Stempel kalligraphisches Geschenk von bastisRIKE

handgeschnitzter Stempel " Koi Karpfen" von Arteck auf

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Beni Ginga 60 cm / Verkauft

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How to draw goldfish, Koi and Catfish

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Large Koi Fish Wall Scroll by Ou-Yang Guo-De. Koi are associated strongly with Japanese & Chinese cultures. Beautiful garden parks in cities around China are graced with a pond full of koi all year. They are very strong fish & can be seen swimming slowly under thick sheets of ice in lakes during the brutal Winter of northern China. In Mandarin "fish" is pronounced "Yu" the same pronunciation as "wealth" or "abundance." Many believe having a painting of fish in your home will bring you…

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Tui (推) and La (拉), the Moon and Ocean Spirits: Near the beginning of the world’s creation, the Moon and Ocean Spirits departed for the mortal world and manifested themselves as two koi fish in the sacred Spirit Oasis of the North Pole. Tui and La circle each other in an eternal dance, pushing and pulling. All from Avatar: The Last Airbender

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Google Αποτελέσματα Eικόνων για

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Tui, La, spirits, koi; Avatar: the Last Airbender

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Tritoan Ly Ink yin yang koi carp

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