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Kloster Muri

Around the turn of the millennium contact the originally lived in Alsace Habsburgs, probably due to unspecified known hereditary claims, in the Aargau fixed. Here they founded their first base in the former Roman fort Altenburg from 1030/50 to the feasts of Habsburg and the monastery of Muri.(Excerpt from the Acta Murensi)

A substantial part of the Habsburg state rule is based on the secular authority over Klostergut screen. Muri was founded in the 11th century by the Habsburgs themselves, other monasteries (eg Beromuenster, Einsiedeln, Säckingen, Saint Blaise) come only later under Habsburg screen bailiwick. Plays a special role Konigsfelden as cult and memorial to the murdered at this point 1308, King Albrecht I.