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Klaus Von Stauffenberg

Berthold and Klaus von Stauffenberg,Conspirators of 1944 plot to kill Hitler. Bertold a professor of internatinal law. Claus an army colonel.Bertold planted the bomb whichdid not kill Hitler. He was strangled & revieved multiple times. His execution filmed for Hitler.Claus Shot.(picture of them younger)


Col. Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg, the man who carried the bomb inside Hitler's HQ on July 20, 1944 in an unsuccessful attempt to finish the dictator. Stauffenberg was arrested the same day and executed along with some of his co-conspirators in Berlin. In all, some 5,000 people were murdered by the Gestapo and the SS after the attempt. In this photo, the helmeted Stauffenberg poses for the camera on his horse at 17.Cavalry Regiment in Bamberg in 1926.


Klaus Von Stauffenberg's story is the clearest example of the power of the 'Year of Revolution'. If I had made a movie it would have been 'Valkyrie'.


Der Mann, der Hitler wegbomben wollte - Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg (Bild) und seinen Mitverschwörern ging es vor 70 Jahren darum, vor der Welt und der Geschichte ein Zeichen zu setzen. Die Chronologie ihres Scheiterns, aufgezeichnet von Klaus Buttinger. Mehr dazu hier:;art391,1444971 (Bild: Archiv)


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Tom Cruise as Claus von Stauffenberg

Colonel Claus Philipp Maria Graf Von Stauffenberg. A leading conspirator in the 20th July Bomb Plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler at his Field HQ "Wolfschanze" in East Prussia. The coup failed and Stauffenberg and some of his fellow conspirators were executed in the courtyard of the Bendlerbock in Berlin Mitte in the early hours of 21st July 1944. photo Colourised by Pearse


Klaus Von Stauffenberg with his wife Nina.