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Image detail for -Worte können die Trauer um Clarence Clemons nicht ausdrücken. Der Tod des E Street Band-Saxophonisten hinterlässt nicht nur in ebendieser ein klaffendes Loch ...


Clarence Clemons & Bruce Springsteen.


The Big Man (Clarence Clemons) & Scooter (Bruce Springsteen)


Friendship, Bruce Springsteen, Clarence Clemons...just not the same without the big man <3

Clarence Clemons and Bruce Springsteen - Eric Meola, Born To Run sessions: Big Man Joined the Band

I wanna rock n roll all night, and party every day! A KISS concert was the first concert I went to. Sat up in the nose bleed section. Everyone laughed at me when I pulled out my binoculars, but were begging to use them by the end of the concert! Aaaawwww, what a great night!


Gaping Hole To Custom Built In For Less Than $30.00

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Insanely Flattering Tank Top - at Target, no less! "Cuts in" around the ribcage (i.e., no frumpy, boxy look) AND - gasp - it closes around the underarms nicely (no gaping arm holes!). Oh, and did I mention that, depending on color, the cost is $4 - $9?!

Holy Week meditation. "There I am, The doubter demanding proof. Give me the three-month recidivism rates on your miracles, Watch me jab my filthy fingers into the gaping holes in Your hands. "

Guns don't kill people. Gaping holes in vital organs kill people. If there is no finger on the trigger, most guns are merely inanimate objects. Available as a pinback button. We made this with