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Image detail for -Worte können die Trauer um Clarence Clemons nicht ausdrücken. Der Tod des E Street Band-Saxophonisten hinterlässt nicht nur in ebendieser ein klaffendes Loch ...


Insanely Flattering Tank Top - at Target, no less! "Cuts in" around the ribcage (i.e., no frumpy, boxy look) AND - gasp - it closes around the underarms nicely (no gaping arm holes!). Oh, and did I mention that, depending on color, the cost is $4 - $9?!

von Vintage Revivals

Gaping Hole To Custom Built In For Less Than $30.00


Holy Week meditation. "There I am, The doubter demanding proof. Give me the three-month recidivism rates on your miracles, Watch me jab my filthy fingers into the gaping holes in Your hands. "

My answer to all critiques of Doctor Who's probability


5 Gaping Plot Holes Hollywood Knows You Won't Notice



Create a fun illusion on your wall with this great 3-D wall sticker! Personalise with an image of any background that you like. Who wants plain and boring walls? Transform them into something more exciting with this sticker that makes your wall appear that it has a gaping hole from an explosion. Choose your own image to create a look that is perfect for you. Send your image to and we can create a sticker just for you. Many sizes available to suit the space you want

Tilly's forces arrived and the General was furious to find only closed gates and loaded weapons bearing down on his tired, hungry troops. The battle began, hastened to a disastrous finish for Rothenburg's citizen army. A lucky shot from the attacking army hit their main storehouse of gunpowder, which was located in a tower on the exterior wall. The tower was blown to bits taking all the gunpowder with it. With a huge gaping hole in the wall and with no means to fight the citizens…