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Kitty denied

☺ Kitty Denied :So true

cool ... witzig ... knuddelig ... praktisch ... oder einfach nur inspirierend ...

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That's vicious looking. If I saw that I'd run for the wet cat food. … More

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When S#%& hits the fan (35 Photos)

Lustige Geschichten,Tiere Und Haustiere,Katzen Hunde,Kätzchen,Hündchen,Katzen,Annoyed Cat,Funny Animals,Animal Funny

Gif Tiere

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Butt we’re counting every one of them! At least they weren’t talking about Big Guy’s “little white mis-misrememberings,” so I think we’re making progress. and did you see how smoothly kitty denied knowing anyting about the big old security black holes? even though we now have documented proof that we knew about them since April 2013.

Haahahaha the cop knows just let the cat do its thing 😆😄😃


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Kitty Doesn't Want To Be Kissed

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