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von Madeline Scribes

I SEE mean people

I know people like this! every time they talk or text they have something to say about me or talk about how bad I am.. I don't know why I didn't do anything bad to them to be treated this way?! and even lied and used my own daughter against me saying my daughter have said I got issues even my own daughter never say that and will never be a traitor like her. I think she is the one got a lot of issues, what a dang BIATCH!!!


Your childish behavior just continues to prove my point. Hilarious! But i did enjoy the info that provided, it's useful.

von Oh My Disney

Beautiful Disney Quotes



Such angry reactions to truthful statements speak volumes. Just more the same. Projection. Denial. Aggression. Shock me, please, with some mature behavior. I don't struggle with the insecurities that you do, so I know where my intentions stem from. When you are ready to stop the childish behavior on Pinterest, approach me. We can speak like adults.

ALL ABOUT STUDENTS--Stop asking why they keep doing it and start asking why you keep allowing it!

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It piss me off when grown ass adults act like children and don't act their age. Grow the fuck up your not in your 20's anymore! I hope I never stoop to their level and act like a damn child when I turn 40.

just take a moment to appreciate each one of their faces


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