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Uh Oh Chore Box! Sie überlassen es aus, so wählen Sie eine lästige Pflicht, um es wieder. Was für eine großartige Art und Weise zu fördern (und erinnern) Ihre Kinder, wie man an hält das Haus ordentlich zu nehmen!

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Children NEED To Do Chores

Is your goal to raise children that are independent with good character and values? Research supports the importance of daily chores and responsibilities and the positive impact they have on a family. Wondering what age to start assigning tasks? Need ideas to get started? The Importance of Chores for Children (Printable Chore Chart Included)

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Ikea First :59 & Morning Motivation Solution

#FreePrintable chore charts in pink and blue. Get more #freeprintables at

telling vs tattling printable for parents & teachers by 3 kids & a fish

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give money as a gift!-sunday shout outs

Put a few 20 dollars bills in the album a year and give it to your child as a graduation gift. That way you dont drain your bank account as graduation gets closer, you have already started saving for it since the birth! I LOVE this idea although I'm already a little behind!

I like this one because it has a fines area. That way even if the kids do the activity if it isn't done when or how you would like their is a consequence.

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Stacks of School Papers Piling Up Everywhere? Here's How to Organize Those Papers for Good!

Oh my gosh... YES! Finally a great way to organize kids school papers once and for all-- from their toddler years through twelfth grade! What a great keepsake to pass on to your kids too! Hundreds of moms are loving this amazing method to organize school papers... and you'll be doing a happy dance once you start using this method too!

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Reward System for Kids - A Free Printable

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Chore baskets with to-do lists for each room. What a great way to make chores organized for the kids to help!

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26 Simple Tricks To Make Your Kids Do Whatever You Want

Write the name of a bunch of different chores on Ping-Pong balls and set a timer, maybe for half an hour. Each time the chore on the ball is complete, they pick a new one, and the kid with the most balls at the end wins. The fabulous prize is entirely up to you.