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FREE (huge!) list of routines and procedures to teach at the beginning of the year in Kindergarten (and 1st grade, too!)

This post is loaded with 30 classroom management ideas for the Kindergarten, primary and elementary classroom! Classroom management tips and tricks for whole brain teaching, alternative seating, bucket fillers, and so much MORE, including a behavior bingo FREEBIE!

von Teach123 - Tips for Teachers

Listen and Following Directions - QR Code Listening Center, Assessment

Teacher tips

von Mrs. Richardson's Class

Simple Punch Cards for Positive Behavior Support

Using simple punch cards for positive behavior support in the classroom

von Scholastic Teachers

Creating a Culture of Kindness in Your Classroom

Creating a Culture of Kindness in Your Classroom. The best way to promote kindness and caring behaviors in our classrooms is to model them. When we show our students what it LOOKS like and SOUNDS like to be kind, there is a far greater chance they will repeat those modeled behaviors. It is so important to remember that children watch their teachers all the time and listen to everything they say (especially when it’s not in a lecture).

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6 Fun and Simple Hallway Transitions {Printable

“My hands are by my side. I’m standing straight and tall. My eyes are looking towards the front. I’m ready for the hall. Shh!” ...After the “Shhh!” kindergarten students keep their candle sticks (fingers) up. A cute hallway transition poem


FREE PRINTABLE MOODBEAR - Great for discussing emotions! Draw faces on the back of the face slip to talk about facial features.