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Are you fighting for child custody? Here are the major factors that determine child custody.

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Five Ways to Present Evidence in Court

If you are fighting for custody, the day will come when you will have your final hearing. To truly win custody and prove you are the better parent, you will need to present lots of convincing evidence in court. Sadly, your personal testimony weighs very little with the judge. So what evidence do you need, and how should you show it in court? Click Pic to Read More... (from


There are at least 11 factors that will make or break your child custody (legal decision-making) case. If you are going through a custody dispute in court, arm yourself with the information you need to know to increase the chances of having the judge order the plan that is in the best interests of your children. Find out what the factors are by clicking here: #childcustody #legaldecisionmaking #custody #custodydispute

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Win Child Custody with These 14 Dos & Don'ts

14 Dos and Don'ts for Winning Child Custody: Winning child custody requires a mix of decisive action and careful restraint.

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Information You Need to Document About Your Child Custody Case

Documenting what took place, and when, can help you present a clear case in family court. Use these tips to learn what you need to document, and how.

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Win Child Custody with These 14 Dos & Don'ts

"Don't involve your kids in court custody... no matter the age." KJS

They don't care about their children. They care about inflicting emotional trauma on you, oblivious and careless of the emotional abuse inflicted on their very own child(ren).