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Konfetti-Pfanne mit Nudeln

Aus Mais, Erbsen und Paprika machen wir Konfetti! Zusammen mit kleinen Nudeln ein super Essen, um Kindern Gemüse schmackhaft zu machen!


Miso Wonton Soup by theviewfromgreatisland: Embarrasingly simple, the secret to this warm, satisfying and low calorie lunch is in the freezer. Nutritious miso paste turns chicken broth, or water for that matter, into a rich savory soup. It�s made from fermented soybeans or grains, and comes in several variations such as red, white, and yellow.

von While He Was Napping

{Printable} How To Pack a School Lunch

Having a lunch lull? Here's a guide to help you finish out the year strong with health and easy lunches!