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Premium – Glatte, schmal geschnittene Hose


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Pepperell S'getti String 50 Yards/Spool

Pepperell S'getti String 50 Yards/Spool - Kelly Green ...... water hose

Why I Only Use KAMUT Wheat as a Homesteader

In my opinion, KAMUT wheat is superior than the modern wheat available for many reasons. Here are my eight reasons why I only use Kamut wheat. Do you agree?


15 Inspirations Of Creative Repurposed Garden Planters


Hat shapes for women with short hair - READ ARTICLE by CLICKING HERE:


We especially loved the leaning pallet planter that she DIYed with hose clamps from the home improvement store. Some pallets have chemicals in them while others are more naturally sealed (with heat) so they’re less questionable for outdoor crafts like this. And if you’re unsure, you can always use a product like SafeCoat to seal off a pallet (it’s what the pros also use to seal off lead paint).

Car #1:1976 Toyota Corolla...mine was brown stick shift. Bought it from parents neighbor whose son was in the navy and had previously owned it. There was a very strategically placed white golf tee placed at the end of one of the little hoses. I was simply told not to remove it. This baby needed a running start to make it up almost any incline! MBS


This image was shared to our Facebook wall by Tom Anderson. He decorated his home with his Model 87 Hoover Constellation with an electric hose. It debuted in 1959 in the colors of Garland Green and White.


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