Kellin Quinn omg this picture is perfect I'm fangirling

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● ThePierced3moGirl °•

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Oliver Sykes from Bring Me The Horizon, and Kellin Quinn from Sleeping With Sirens~

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Hi I'm Kellin. Me and all my siblings are rejects. But i'm more social than them tho

TATTERED & TORN Anthem Made shirt By: Kellin Quinn

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{Kellin and Copeland} "Hey, I'm Kellin, and this," I wrap my arm around my daughter, "is the love of my life, Copeland." I smile brightly. "I'm 23 and single. I also sing and scream for the band Sleeping With Sirens. I love music, it's my passion, and honestly, I may not be alive without it." I sigh. "Well, come say hello."

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Kellin Quinn. It's funny because Jenn and I were having a conversation this morning about how gorgeous Kellin is. lol More

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Kellin Quinn; lead singer of Sleeping With Sirens. <3

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Kellin Quinn Suicide Quote

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