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The Southeast Missourian is a great resource for news in the SEMO area.

Basecoat: Essence Studio Nails Allround Talent Farblack: beyu - Blaze Orange (7,95€,qoz4b24bhtks46wk,ec_beyu,YmV5dQ==,b) Design: essence stampy lack weiß; Schablone HB23, Aufkleber: pinatora TopCoat: Sally Hansen No Chip Acrylic Top Coat @BeYu Cosmetics


Josephine Cochrane (1839-1913) made the first practical mechanical dishwasher in 1886, although a washing machine device was patented in 1850 by Joel Houghton | Photo via | Permission: PD | read more about her on


Colts lack depth behind injury-prone Dwayne Allen = The Indianapolis Colts pushed all of their chips to the center of the table by allowing tight end Coby Fleener to walk out the door and extending Dwayne Allen to a four-year deal. Fleener was by no means a.....

"God is just making the joys of parenthood sweeter for you by introducing you to the heartache early. Each anxiety we experience produces a greater appreciation for the wonderment that precious children bring into our lives."

Johnson: Prevent heart diseases with lifestyle moderation Dr. Adeyemi Johnson is the CEO of First Cardiology Consultants Clinic Ikoyi Lagos which is organising a medical outreach to mark 2016 World Heart Day. In this interview with Paul Adunwoke he spoke on preventions treatments and managements of heart related diseases. What should people know about heart diseases? Every September 29 is World Heart Day and we decided to give out some information about the heart and how to prevent heart…

Versus: iPhone 7 vs iPhone 6S Read more Technology News Here --> The iPhone 6S was a "tock" model on the tick/tock cycle of Apple design: the ticks introduce new hardware and the tocks improve the internals. That means the iPhone 7 is launching in a tick year. But from outward appearances at least the iPhone 7 is another tock. Are appearances deceptive? Let's find out. Design The iPhone 7 looks like the iPhone 6S. There are differences but they're subtle…


No Chip Clip for Keys: Nails never touch the ring--no more broken nails! It is my nails it is my lack of fine motor skills that gives me a problem. I ordered the Clipa handbag hanger so I hand shipping to pay anyway, but the item is only $1.98 for 3. I'll report on which I like better this or the Free Key system

Denuvo Weakens After Inside Cracked in Record Time Dozens of anti-piracy techniques have been tested over the years on formats ranging from cassette tapes to digital downloads but for pirates the lure of free content is both intoxicating and enduring. In recent years games developers have come to accept that piracy cannot be eradicated entirely but it can be slowed down. The main aim in the modern era is to stop games leaking in the days weeks and early months following their launch. This…