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Oben drauf Einsatz Regalbrett, Rest des Platzes kann dann trotzdem als Wäschekorb genutzt werden


Here's a sandbox with edges created from sections of logs. No need to have a rectangular shape. Even place a boulder along one edge or a stump for sitting on. This one provides both sun and shade. Cover with a tarp if you want to keep out cats.


DIY Cat Litterbox. I like the shape of the cat cut-out and size. It REALLY needs ventilation!! CAT SAID. #cats #CatLitterBox #litter

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No Place for a Litter Box? Create a Kitty Corner

Litter boxes aren't typically design elements in home decor. This smart and stylish solution, however, hides the box in plain sight — and looks great, too! 1. Gather a basic side table, some twisted jute rope, a short tension rod, and two window valances. 2. Wrap the rope around the table's front legs to cover them and create a DIY scratching post. 3. Put the valances on the tension rod and secure it at the top of the table's legs. 4. Slide your kitty's litter box into the space under…

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27 Useful DIY Solutions For Hiding The Litter Box



Ikea hack: a kitty litter box with an intermediate "carpet room" to get the rest of the litter off their feet before they exit. Complete with storage shelf, automatic lights and a "made to fit" kitty litter tray!