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Iron Chef Winners Japanese-Style Hamburgers Recipe

Iron Chef Winner's Japanese-Style Hamburgers


Asian Tomato Salad

This recipe has been slightly tweaked from one by Katsuyo Kobayashi, Japans favourite TV cooking show host and an Iron Chef winner. It is so easy to make, but to ensure plenty of flavour, use the best quality tomatoes you can get. If possible, make it ahead and refrigerate for at least an hour to let the flavours blend. This doesnt seem to keep well, so eat it the day you make it.

小林 カツ代 白菜とツナのあんかけ汁 KNR 2015Feb (1997Jan30) Kobayashi Katsuyo Hakusai to tsuna (or salmon) no ankake jiru.Originally made with salmon but works with tuna, too. RECIPE here, bottom:

Aremo koremo miso KNR 2015/2/4 from 2004Apr5 Kobayashi Katsuyo. Good to pour on cooked G Onions & Pork (sample on TV) others- ふろふき大根、こんにゃくや豆腐の田楽 dengaku、しいたけやなすの焼き物 roasted shiitake , eggplants、焼き肉 yakinikuに万能だと思います