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Karl Landsteiner was a pathologist/immunologist who won the 1930 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for discovery of ABO blood types.

"Karl Landsteiner was the scientist who discovered blood groups in 1901. He is the father of modern transfusion and received the Nobel Prize in 1930 for his work. It would not be until 1937 that all the kinks in blood transfusion would be worked out. He also discovered the Polio virus. He was one of the men who helped make modern medicine possible."


A - B - 0: Von drei unterschiedlichen Blutgruppen war erstmals im Jahr 1901 die Rede - in einer Fußnote. Den Aufsatz schrieb der Österreicher Karl Landsteiner. Heute erinnert Google an den Geburtstag des Mediziners.


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An seiner Alma Mater, der Universität Wien, blieben dem Entdecker der Blutgruppen gebührender Ruhm und berufliche Perspektiven verwehrt

Immunologist and pathologist Karl Landsteiner received the Nobel Prize for…

The two most significant blood group systems were discovered by Karl Landsteiner during early experiments with blood transfusion: the ABO group in 1901[66] and in co-operation with Alexander S. Wiener the Rhesus group in 1937.


Superman of Science Makes Landmark Discovery - Over 1 Billion Lives Saved So Far! Karl Landsteiner was born in Vienna, Austria, in 1868. He was essentially raised by a single mother, as his father died when he was only six. He finished medical school at age 23 and then began traveling to study under other famous scientists of the day. He often couldn't find research jobs (which were his passion) and he would make his living by doing autopsies at "deadhouses," which we call morgues today…