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Capitalism: A Love Story (2009)

Capitalism, A Love Story

Karl Marx is a big representation in real communism not to be misunderstood by those not realizing what true communism is.

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= > ✨ BallerBerndt ✨ < = #BassFetischist! #StenkerSchwein! #RampenSau! ~> ÜBERHEBLICH 〰 EITEL 〰 VORLAUT <~ Aber sonst ist er ja eigentlich ein ganz normaler, ruhiger, zuvorkommender Arschkriecher.

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Capitalism is not one monolithic system/idea. Historically it has manifested in various forms. It is NOT in and of itself evil. In fact, Marx himself admired and was en-wondered by the success of capitalism but what we have now is a repugnant perversion of capitalism.

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...Because today's unfettered capitalism doesn't work well. Witness the trump family abuses of the 'free market' that we've only begun to see. We need more, not fewer, regulations to bring 'the invisible hand' out of the shadows. Adam Smith, a founding father of economics, would absolutely agree that too much capitalism, exploited by too few amoral actors, is in dire need of serious reform if we want to 'make America great again.'

Missy Elliott on survival and integrity within patriarchal capitalism

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this is so many are dying and suffering needlessly because the abuse of our environment

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by Nedroid #capitalism #fuckcapitalism #supportworkers

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Auf dem Grabstein des Kapitalismus wird später stehen: "Zuviel war nicht genug!"…

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Wann hat was ein Ende – Beobachtung des Tages

Feminismus hat ein Ende, wenn der Richtige da ist. Kommunismus endet bei 2500 Euro netto und Atheismus, wenn das Flugzeug vibriert.

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Capitalism makes charity necessary because capitalism makes economic justice impossible.

In denn Nachrichten berichten sie immer über die armut und haben mittleit warum helfen sie selber nicht

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