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KANGOO DANCE with Becky--- this woman is seriously awesome! I do her videos all the time and they are a total blast!!! I want to teach KANGOO!!!! :)

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Best Jump Shoes and Kangoo Boots Reviews

Kangoo Jumps KJ-XR3 White and Pink


Kangoo Jumps full træning Denmark. I guess its all the rage.. saw on FB too from Mexico. Def interesting and of course I would def try it!

Get rid of those extra pounds from the Holidays quickly with this easy 4 week challenge on Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes! If you don't have them you can get yours at You can also text me at 305-718-3975 to purchase them. Get even better results in conjunction with a balanced diet, controlled portions and drink at least 6 glasses of water daily

Do this easy and fun 4 week challenge with Kangoo Jumps and see for yourself how this simple but effective routine along with a clean diet and plenty of water, can help you slim down and tone those glutes, hamstrings and quads at the same time. You'll not only have fun while you are at it and see results, but will experience and enjoy all the benefits of rebounding! Come back after the four weeks and share your experience and results with us. #KangooJumps #JumpSquats #SquatJumps #Challenge


Kangoo Jumps X-Rebound Boots For Better Exercising

Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes are fun for all ages and sizes!