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Pferderennen - am Kamo-Schrein - 1000 T - Pomegranate, US


Kamo-wake-ikazuchi-Jinja in the Kita Ward of Kyoto is the oldest Shinto shrine in the ancient city. Since prehistoric times Kamigamo-jinja has preserved and transmitted the legends relating to the birth of the shrine deity, Wakeikazuchi.


Shimogamo Shrine in Japanese, is the common name of an important Shinto sanctuary in the Shimogamo district of Kyoto city's Sakyō ward. Its formal name is Kamo-mioya-jinja. It is one of the oldest Shinto shrines in Japan and is one of the seventeen Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto which have been designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

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Shimogamo-Jinja Shrine (下鴨神社 (賀茂御祖神社))

Shimogamo Shrine, Kyoto, Japan: photo by William Corey


"Gion is Kyoto's most famous geisha district, located in the city center around Shijo Avenue between Yasaka Shrine in the east and the Kamo River in the west"

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Kamigamo-Jinja Shrine (上賀茂神社 (賀茂別雷神社))

Kyoto Travel: Shimogamo and Kamigamo Shrines

Palace and horserace at Kamo Shrine 二条城・賀茂競馬図屏風 江戸時代 17世紀  六曲一双 紙本金地着色 approx. 1615-1650. Six panel folding screen. Ink, colors and gold on paper

Detail palace and horserace at Kamo Shrine 二条城・賀茂競馬図屏風 江戸時代 17世紀  六曲一双 紙本金地着色 Place of Origin: Japan Date: approx. 1615-1650 Object Name: Six panel folding screen Materials: Ink, colors and gold on paper