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Kamakura with kids: Visiting the Great Buddha

Guide and tips for visiting Kamakura with kids along with its nearby temples and the Great Buddha | Japan with kids. One day itinerary in Kamakura, Japan

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Popular day trips from Tokyo in a nutshell

Check out this “cheat sheet” for determining where to go for a day trip from Tokyo! Click to enlarge the image. Photo credits: Kawagoe: Nikko: Izu Peninsula: Kawaguchi-ko: Auttapon Nunti (500px) Kamakura: Hakone: blubugs (trip advisor user)

lifeisverybeautiful: Myoho-ji Temple, Kamakura, Japan

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Kamakura City (鎌倉市)

Ghibli shop. Kamakura City (鎌倉市)

Hase-dera, Kamakura, Japan 300 Yen Buddhist Temple Museum and Garden

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Jizo statues in Kamakura, Japan. Jizo take care of the souls of unborn children and those who died at a young age. Children “in limbo” in Japan are said to go to a place called sai no kawara, where they must create piles of stones into small towers. But every night the stone towers are destroyed by demons, so the next day the children must make new piles of stones. The making of these towers is to help their parents accrue merit for their own afterlife.

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Meigetsu-in Temple, Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan

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Meigetsu-in Temple, Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan

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6th Stop: Kamakura

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snow in Kamakura on a beautiful November day