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Spellbinding Treasures From Japan’s Kamakura Period at Asia Society

Spellbinding Treasures From Japan's Kamakura Period at Asia ...

Teabowl with Lacquer Repair | Seto is the oldest ceramic center in Japan, and is still the largest pottery-producing region for the nation. Seto wares were the first Japanese glazed stoneware, produced during the Kamakura period (1185-1333). Early Seto wares imitated Chinese Sung dynasty celadon designs in both decoration and shape, but during the fourteenth century Seto ware production expanded with new techniques and refined glazes. It was also around this time that Japanese ceramics began…

Kuro-Negoro Heishi Ritual sake vessel with urushi-e design of cranes and bamboo Muromachi period (1392-1568), 15th century Turned and assembled wood; the entire surface lacquered black and decorated in red lacquer Height: 38 cm Provenance: Manno collection, Osaka From the ancient times up until the Heian Period, sake was brewed mainly as an offering to the gods and served in Shinto shrines in unglazed earthenware vessels. From Kamakura period onwards, large size wooden vessels (heishi)…

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Awesome. I like the concept of them all blaming Hinata for their deaths and executions. And Hinata slowly gets overcome by despair.. it's just awesome!



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