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Kal El Superman

Oh my Zod...... Ima start dying of feels in about 3-2-1 yep there we go. In all truthfulness though I can actually imagine him doing this. He's always so sweet to ppl and stuff. Maybe one day one of the kids parents dies, and that night the kid tearfully tells imaginary Superman about it. The next day he shows up at the kids house and visits every week for years.

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Man Of Steel some people don't think girls can like superman because 'it is meant for boys' but when I saw man of steel OMG it was SOOO good Más


Superman - Henry Cavill ( Man of Steel ) iPhone background


One of my all-time favorite moments. He needed her, and she was there, accepting him even after he had to kill. And he trusted her because she hadn't betrayed him, because she believed in him. Perfect!