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Junkers Ju 390

junkers ju 390-To finish off the story a German Ju-390 transport plane flew to Tokyo via the polar route according to the memoirs of German arms Minister Albert Speer. Soviet sources record that the Ju-390 transported millitary attache General Miya Otari from Prague and arrived Tokyo about 28 February 1945. until now no solid data was been found, but quite interestingly General Oshima vanished from Berlin and was in Japan by june data exists how he got there


Transatlantic Heavy Fighter Junkers Ju 635 "In Prague under construction and two were already completed: the Junkers Ju 635 was to fly on high performance reconnaissance missions .and in 1945 for the Atlantic submarine reconnaissance flights for the new Type XXI electric boats with a speed of over 488mph .it should make them immune against Allied aircraft. the real reason was that Hitler wanted the Ju 635 to accompany the New York bombers Junkers Ju390/He 274


junkers ju 390V2 In Polish secret document material declassified in 1998 there is reference to a Polish diplomat who witnessed a Ju-390 being dismantled at a German ranch in Paysandu Province Uruguay. Argentine wartime reports also refer to this aircraft being dismantled. The aircraft concerned appears to be the Ju-390 V2 and this aircraft appears to have ended it's days in Uruguay in May 1945.


The Junkers Ju 390 was among the largest aircraft of the war in the unlikely but formidable role of the transporter of the German atomic bomb on the United States. The two machines were constructed, however, previously destroyed in a bomb attack, fortunately for the U.S. because they were intended to transport more than 10 tons over 8,000 km. The counterpart, the Messerschmitt ME 264 was even bigger but was also destroyed before their use.

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New York came within months of prototype Nazi bombers carrying nuclear bombs in 1944 (additional information)

America was within reach of prototype Nazi bombers carrying nuclear bombs in 1944

Junkers Ju 290