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Pear Girl is Watching You

Johannes Vermeer (Dutch 1632–1675) [Baroque, Dutch Golden Age] Girl with a Pearl Earring (1665).

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Jan Vermeer. A Girl Reading a Letter. Look at the reflection on the window, that is so incredible.

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Love Walked In


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Woman Holding a Balance by Vermeer Another genius of the baroque period, notice the relationship between the balance and the painting within the painting of Christ's ascension and judgment

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Johannes Vermeer, The wine glass - detail

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Johannes Vermeer 1632-1675, The Art of Painting. The artist in painting is assumed to be Vermeer playing with viewers by not revealing his own face

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Johannes Vermeer Painting Canvas Prints And Johannes Vermeer ... I had not seen…

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Johannes Vermeer

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Dorothee Golz Der Perlenohrring, 2009 C-Print/ Diasec 188 x 140 cm Ed.: 3/5

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