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Joel Salatin

Free e-course on Regenerative Agriculture by Joel Salatin


Joel Salatin is a farmer in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. He possesses more common sense than any one man I have ever met. He speaks to college students, writes books, and successfully runs Polyface Farms with uncommon brain-power. See if you agree. I watched fifteen Youtube Videos in a row when I first heard of this man. Thanks Facebook.

Joel Salatin: debt-free farming for beginners


Joel Salatin's chicken feed recipes

"If it doesn't rot, it's not real food." - Joel Salatin, Polyface Farms || Indeed! And I would add "If it doesn't melt..." thinking of the recent uproar about the non-melting Walmart-brand "ice cream" sandwiches... Ugh.


Joel hero farmer. I love him!!!!!

von The Urban Ecolife

A day with Joel Salatin on Polyface Farm

A day with Joel Salatin on Polyface Farm | The Urban Ecolife

Joel Salatin...Christian, Libertarian and self described "Lunatic Farmer" <3 him!!!