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Introduction to the Folk Legend, Jim Croce


Jim Croce - Roller Derby Queen ♪ "She was built like a 'frigerator' with a head" ♪


The Hit Men autographing their CD's. Gerry Polci (Frankie Valle & the Four Seasons), Lee Shapiro also from Frankie Valle and also Barry Manilow, Me, Larry Gates (Carole King) and Russ Velazquez (Sting,Carole King,Chicago,Paula Abdul) out of sight is Jimmy Ryan (The Critters,Carly Simon,Cat Stevens, Jim Croce)


26 8track tapes with case $60 (some sealed): The Beatles John Lennon Billy Joel Stevie Wonder Grease Michael Jackson Eagles Paul Simon Simon & Garfunkel The Moody Blues Bachman Turner Overdrive REO Speedwagon Styx Supertramp Jim Croce Cat Stevens Elvis Presley Earth Wind and Fire Neil Diamond Queen Barbra Streisand

George Donaldson - Time In a Bottle Celtic Thunder Cruise 2013.


Jim Croce, "Time in a Bottle" -- I always liked this song. I think this song describes true love. You want to be with this person forever, but forever is short.


Jim Croce - Greatest Hits - Time In A Bottle

Jim Croce - I Got a Name (1973) - YouTube