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10 Photos To Remind You How Dreamy JFK Jr. Was

John F. Kennedy Jr. Was So Dreamy, He Made Questionable Trends Look Cool

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April 29, 1995 – in DC

how to wear a baseball cap without looking like a jerk// jfk jr and carolyn

John Jr. BEAUTIFUL Yep BEAUTIFUL of the most handsome men I have ever seen


John F. Kennedy, Jr. photographed by Roxanne Lowit.


The Timeless Style of JFK Jr.

John Kennedy, Jr. - I'd see him in NYC walking around the neighborhood. Not only handsome, and with an inimitable style all his own, but he refused to let his celebrity inhibit him. He lived life to the fullest and used his family name to help those who were not born with his good fortune. Just a good guy, gone way too soon.


JFK Jr. in JFK's sunroom in Hyannis. He and Carolyn spent a lot of time in his parents' seaside home the last years of his life.

JFK Jr. An incredibly handsome man. Another Kennedy gone too soon and in tragic circumstances.