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Cows are my least favorite animal, mostly because I've been chased by them on more occasions than I care to remember, but even I think this is sweet!


Kinder Jersey Kuh Pferd Pony Huhn Schaf Bauernhof Farm Meterware ab 25cm x 150cm

The Jersey breed of dairy cow originates from the Island of Jersey and it is quite distinct from all other breeds of livestock. Renowned for it’s beauty, ease of management and natural ability to produce rich creamy milk, the “ Jersey” is a product of the Island, it’s soil, it’s climate, it’s people and their history. I would love these in the fun size version.


Jersey Kuh Pferd Farm Huhn Schaf Pony beige Bauernhof Meterware ab 25cm x 150cm

Gorgeous cow... this face reminds me why I don't eat meat.


Baumwoll Stretch Jersey "Kühe 2" Farbe Orange 14645

Jersey Kuh Pferd Pony Huhn Schaf beige Kinderstoff Meterware Bauernhof