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Zwei Welten, eine Liebe.

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Jaja Más

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dreamworks, disney, and jackxelsa image

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Okay....I don't like Jelsa....BUT THIS IS SO CUTE!!! I'll just look at it from a friend point of view...

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How can you not say this is cute?? #Jelsa

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AND Rapunzel has Eugene! It's almost like the Jackunzel shippers have never SEEN Tangled!

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I don't ship them all the pictures always look stupid but this is .... Wow but I still don't ship them

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Jelsa - You don't need to be alone anymore by on @deviantART

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Frozen Fantasy by on @deviantART I would like to state that I pin this for shear art-ness not any shipping

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Jelsa. Toothless approved. Guess who made this???ME! Haley Bradson/ ev2142!! Yay!! If you repin please give me credit!

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