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Ladies of Disney - Jane Porter: Come with me now to see my world, Where there’s beauty beyond your dreams

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Jane Porter

Jane Porter is the deuteragonist of Disney's 1999 film Tarzan. She is an artistic animal researcher and the eventual love interest of Tarzan. Jane is an intelligent and beautiful young woman. She is shown to be somewhat talkative, yet charming as well as proper. Jane is also shown to have a love for art, and she is not afraid to venture into the jungle to draw the wildlife.

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Art Nouveau Costume Designs VII: Jane by Hannah Alexander

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Jane Porter { Teacher Outfit } by ~kawaiibrit on deviantART

Day 31?- Honorable mention, Jane Porter from Tarzan. I had to give props to Jane, just because.

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Jane Porter << favorite Disney lady

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Disney Princess│Disney Princesas - #Disney - #Princesas - #Princess

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Jane is my favourite as unlike most of the other disney girls she didn't find the perfect Prince Charming she found a wild man who could only speak gorilla, and she not only taught him how to speak English she actually learnt his language, and then she gave up her dainty English life to live in the jungle with the man she loved.

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I would possibly be jane if I could be a Disney character

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