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Jamberry nail wraps sheet breakdown Get 2 pedi's, 2 mani's and some accent nails out of 1 sheet! Around $3 per application!

Do you dread trimming your Jamberry nail wraps because it takes so much time and effort each time? Stop starting over each time you do your nails and create a reusable Jamberry nail wrap template!

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My Top 10 Jamberry Tips & Tricks (plus 3 bonus myths busted!)

I started my Jamberry journey back in December 2014. In that time I've tried maybe every tip and trick I've run across online. As much as I LOVE the product, my nails haven't always cooperated ...

For many of us, the bottom of our thumb nail is square, not round. The wraps, however, are round. So what should you do? Simply trim the curved end of the nail wrap before you apply it to your nail, squaring it off. You will get a better fit and the growth in your nails over your two week manicure will not be as noticeable.