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Jalta Konferenz

Konferenz von Jalta – Wiki (d) - The Yalta Conference, Crimea, February 1945 - U.S. Department of State, Map from January 10, 1945 : Germany – Poland Proposed Territorial Changes – Secret ! („Vorschlag zur Gebietsveränderung – Geheim“) ▶


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1945 - Konferenz von Jalta, Zeitgeschichte in bewegten Bildern - Historisches Filmarchiv, Clips, Footage, Produktion -


This is not "kind of historic" this right here is a crucial part of our history: Stalin and Churchill at the Jalta Conference. The reason for my post on this board is that this picture shows some of the main characters of the conference from a somewhat off-guard and private perspective.

Famous fashion designer Kenzo Takada in Ukrainian embroidery. Известный модельер Кензо Такада в украинской вышиванке.

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