Jake Pitts- Black Veil Brides The best song-writer to exist? I think so. ALSO HAPPY 29th BIRTHDAY JAKE

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Jake Pitts (BVB lead guitarist) gif

Fuckin love this solo.. Also so hot... Oh, yeah Jake too, I was talking about the guitar. (c-1 FR Schetcher Jake Pitts Signature Model)

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Jake Pitts and Andy Biersack. I love this pic

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Jake Pitts “Found a weird looking frog in my bed this morning”

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"CC, what is that..." "I don't know, Jake.." "OH MY GOD! "WHATTTTT?" "PIZZZZZZZZZZZZAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

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Jake Pitts and his dog, Trixy! Too Cute. Why do you both have to look at me with puppy eyes?

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Jake Pitts South America, 2012. All credit to respected owners.

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Jake Pitts BVB, one of my inspirations for learning guitar. Actually, aside from my dad Jake and Jinxx are the reason I've decided to play

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