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Italienische Flagge

«Insigna pontificum Romanorum et cardinalium VI. Insignia Venetorum I», [S.l.] Italien, Mitte 16. Jh. [BSB Cod.icon. 271] -- f°4r: Gregorius XII Corarius III Venet. Pont. Max. [Pope Gregory XII, Angelo Correr, Italian (1326-1417)]. -- In tutti i manoscritti Fugger (Cod.icon. 266÷279) molti cognomi sono scritti in maniera sbagliata [MG]


Two iconic San Francisco buildings, one from her past and the Trans America Pyramid that marked one of the new, modern buildings found in today's Cityscape. MMc


Coats of arms of the 29 grand masters of the Teutonic Order (until 1470, Heinrich Reuß von Plauen) (p. 47). -- «Wappenbuch des St. Galler Abtes Ulrich Rösch», St. Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek [Cod. sang. 1084].