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26 Sätze, die Introvertierte nicht mehr hören können

Ja, mir gehts gut, auch wenn ich NICHT ausgehe!


These new emojis, called Introji, help introverts communicate their needs

Introji: Emoticons für introvertierte Leute | Hekabes Welt

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Introverts: Make More Money in an Hour Than Most Loudmouths Do in a Week

Calling all introverts who want to get rich!

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8 Things I Would Like You To Know About Introverts

A few years ago, I complained to a girl friend about how my then-boyfriend was getting on my nerves. I told her how we would be hanging out in his apartment on

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19 Awkward Moments That Every Introvert Has Experienced

Introvert problems: When you have SO MUCH to say, but you can't do it.


Very very true. I'm not truly an extrovert, unless you get to know me-but even then, I still can be comfortable around you while being silent with a book.