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especially "knows a topic well, but can't explain it at all." i may be the smartest in the class, but i never raise my hand to say things because i will say it wrong 100% guaranteed


We're too stuck on dichotomies I think. And too few people realise that rigor is good for art and that creativity is necessary for good science, I suppose.#INTP


Stuff INTPs say | I seriously say all of these all the time! With the exception of the cyborg one.


INTP hobbies. I almost corrected it to say *thinking about* a bunch of projects that never even get started, but then I remembered how many half-finished paintings I have lying around... =/


Die Essenz von Kommunikation. - von robby | fisch+fleisch


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YES! And I have a panic attack if I do attempt to clean it because I don't have enough nifty little storage devices so I just pick everything up and dump it on the floor again. This is opposed to my binder, the one object I could not survive without. I shudder to think what would happen if I lost it; misplacing it for a night almost caused a break down. I think I may have issues...


Haha I basically told somebody this once, and they just couldn't grasp what I was saying


INTPs are private. <<Very private. The question "What are you thinking about?" throws me and kind of annoys me, and I dodge as much as possible. Not because I'm thinking anything wrong or dirty, but because my thoughts are my own private world, thank you.