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Marked worldwide for almost 35 years, World Day for Laboratory Animals is a focal point for those opposing animal experiments. Help our friends at the NAVS highlight the suffering of lab animals – contact your MP to oppose secrecy in the lab, take to the streets with leaflets - Get involved! Pinterest won't le me post the link, so check this page on FB

A Definition Of Love This is a Confused post... love they say is beautiful but has it lost its roots and values? Well who knows... "Definition of love"; a poem that pops in whenever I think of love as a word. Well of cause it is a word... and this post has got little or no relationship with the poem written by Andrew Marvell... Over the years Love as beautiful as it may sound has been an epitome of controversies... Its definition Ranging from its real nature to the not so real nature…

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The Bouncing Dot Music Video

The Dot Song Lyric Sheet. Peter H. Reynolds has created this free handwritten lyric sheet for you to share with your students and encourage them to Make Their Mark this Dot Day.

Celebrating International Dot Day with my elementary combo class (4th/5th grade). Using hand cut colored paper circles.


International Dot Day: markers on coffee filters / spritzed / salt