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15 Prom Beauty Hacks, Tips and Tricks You Need To Know Now

15 Prom Beauty Tips, Tricks, Hacks For Makeup and Hair Prep |

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41 Life-Saving Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Have In Her Arsenal

Teeth whitening


WHITEN YOUR TEETH INSTANTLY: Ingredients: ▪️ 2 activated charcoal capsules ▫️ 1 tspn coconut oil 🔸Mix both together 🔸Brush your teeth with the mixture for 3-5 mins 🔸Rinse and brush your teeth with normal toothpaste 🔸and VOILA, do this as many times in a week as you want until you get your desired results. ☑️ The charcoal pulls out toxins & removes stains (known as tannins), it doesn't effect your tooth enamel like the chemical whiteners do AND IT TASTES LIKE NOTHING! Activated charcoal…

Teeth whitening - Just did this tonight- I saw INSTANT results (minor, probably not noticeable to anyone else, but I noticed that my teeth are a little whiter). Use a SOFT toothbrush!