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Don't know about the homework one but everything else is spot on.

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Die Essenz von Kommunikation. - von robby | fisch+fleisch

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INFP Thoughts (@INFP_Thoughts) | Twitter

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Except I don't mind *constructive* criticism and I do not shy from confrontation!

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I may not look like I'm not doing anything, but I'm quite busy problem-solving, being creative, or just thinking in my head with about 30 tabs open.

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INFJ vs INFP. 1st and 5th row I'm definitely more INFP, but I honestly think I do both in the other three, and quite possibly absorb others' emotions more than mirror them. I swear I am not just one or the other, but some weird combo of both (but more P than J).

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This pretty much sums it up

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The immediate secondary thoughts of: "The fuck?! You know you don't really think that. Why the hell would that even cross your mind?? You're better than that judgy shit. Dont even go there." And the remorseful shame that follows even for a split second thinking a bad or judgemental thought about someone else (especially for no real reason), and imagining how I would feel if someone had that kind of thought about me, or what it might feel like to be in their shoes. INFP internal process...

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Definitely need this some days. Whenever I'm feeling really down about myself it always helps to read over this list and focus on positive things about myself. ♥

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