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Indonesien olympia team

Es gibt noch Fußball-Zwerge: DFB-Team schreibt Olympia-Geschichte

Und hier ist ein weiteres Team zu sehen, das optisch besonders hervorstach: das...

The 'World Cosplay Championship' - held in Nagoya, Japan - has a new world champion: the 2016 winner is the team from Indonesia! The 'World Cosplay Summit' is the world's largest cosplay event. It's already acquired official status among cosplay enthusiasts , with 2016 being its 14th consecutive year. With over 30 countries participating in the event, this event is like the Olympic Games for cosplay. This year, India, Switzerland, Canada, and Sweden joined the party, and for a whole week…

Eight badminton players disqualified for throwing matches - The World Badminton Federation charged eight female players with misconduct on August 1, 2012 after four Olympic doubles teams had attempted to "throw" matches to secure a more favourable draw later in the tournament. REUTERS/Bazuki Muhummad/Files

Gelora Bung Karno, Senayan, One of the Largest in the World. Proudly Indonesian.

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After going two games without a goal and being booed off the field by their own fans, the Brazilian men’s soccer team found their scoring touch at the Rio Olympics on Wednesday.

Parade of athletes. Opening ceremony of the Rio Olympics 2016

Olympic badminton head referee Torsten Berg issued one to four pairs of players accused of trying to lose their matches in an attempt to manipulate the draw for the knockout.

The Nigerian Olympian Four years have come and gone quickly a whole lot faster than expected and from London in 2012 attention now turns to Rio for the summer Olympics. With one Nigerian executed a few days ago in Indonesia for drug trafficking while we await the next execution of another dangerously ambitious Nigerian youth there or the conviction of another in the US for online fraud (yahoo yahoo) or another wanted for robbery in south Africa or another being listed as a new leader of a…

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