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Indonesien Olympia Fußball

After going two games without a goal and being booed off the field by their own fans, the Brazilian men’s soccer team found their scoring touch at the Rio Olympics on Wednesday.

Indonesia Super League (Indonesian : Liga Super Indonesia) is a professional competition for soccer clubs in Indonesia. This competition is managed by PT Liga Indonesia (formerly named, Indonesia League Board). It was the the highest level competition of football among professional clubs in the Liga Indonesia, before the Football Association of Indonesia replaced it with Indonesia Prima League in 2011.

ERIN MCLEOD (b. 1983), Canadian professional soccer player: Though she grew up mostly in Canada, she spent grades 9-10 in Jakarta when her dad worked as an oilfield engineer there. After 2 years she returned to Canada to live with her grandmother & pursue soccer. Of Indonesia she said, "It broadened my world view because it was a developing country...I saw real poverty for the first time. It was different but it was a great experience." An Olympic medalist, she plays for the Houston Dash…

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There’s no Team Brazil jerseys for the women’s Olympic team, so fans are making their own

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