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Independence Day - Facebook Fail des Tages 04.07.2016

Die Menschheit sucht intelligentes Leben im Weltall, aber wir sollten mit der Suche erst mal hier auf der Erde anfangen.

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29 Incredibly Brave And Important First World Rebels


I did. For a long time. I gave and gave and ask3d for nothing but time and love. I gave up my education, career opportunities, my job and independence, my body, my free time, social life ,my yourh, my party on crazy days drunk nights to have a family and show you the love you deserve. Show you the happiness you brought to us. And at some pt. We still weren't enough for live with. Get a house. Not cheat. Lie. Betray. Ign9re. Abadon. Etc. I've always love u and now single and options and you…