Fallen angel. Im sure this is the same picture from the book 'hush hush' by Becca Fitzpatrick

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Just like the hunger games but a different plot and different characters. I'll assign characters and which district they come. There will be hunger games held as well. Each person will be given 4 fcs; 2 boys 2 girls. Message me for questions. :) tag people if they might be interested!! You can be a stylist and/or a person from any district 1-13

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#The Mockingjay Lives

the perks of being a wallflower. <3 Such a good movie and an even better book. :)

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Jace Herondale/Gallery

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(FC- Wade Poezyn) Hey, Zach here. Anyone wanna go for a run or something? Also. Don't even think about touching my newly found mate, Dawn! I was kicked out of my pack so I'm a Rouge wolf. But we can go run, anyone up for it?

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Folk Quilt Applique

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Hush hush

Perdida Ian e Sofia ~ Carina Rissi

Trecho de Perdida Carina Rissi (créditos: facebook.com/perdidafrases)

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